Having an escort visit you

  • When you go to the profile of a girl, you will find her contact information on her profile. This often is a phone number, occassionally a WeChat ID and sometimes an E-mail address.

    Do not contact the girl until you are sure you want to book her, otherwise you would be wasting both your and her time. When booking a girl, keep in mind she will ask you where you want to meet; you will need to have your hotel or apartment address at hand, preferably in Chinese. The girl will check if the place is reachable by her and if required let you know roughly how much the taxi fare would be. To avoid awkard situations, if she does not bring up the taxi fare, do ask about it.

    Before the girl comes to your place, prepare a red envelope (hongbao) with the donation required for her services, taxi far and possibly a tip.

    When the girl arrives, often she will ask you to take a shower (and often the girl will join you). Both of you will wash yourself clean first, occassionally the girl will help wash you.

    After that, the real fun begins.

    Most of the time, the girl will bring protection, however just to be sure, keep some protection around yourself. Do not go bare back!

    At the end of the ride, she will get dressed, take her donation and leave, hopefully leaving you satisfied and happy.

About the girls

  • Unfortunately, almost all pictures of escort girls you will find online or on WeChat in China, are fake (they will show models or porn stars). The agency will claim all the pictures are real, but they are not.

    Only a fraction of the guys will send the girl back. The majority will still go ahead, despite feeling uncomfortable or cheated. This way, agencies make a lot of money using average, old or plain ugly girls. This is simply their business model.

    The pictures of the girls on this site, are real. The rates of the girls are fixed, no re-negotiation or hidden fees. If any of the girls is caught breaking the rules (re-negotiation, leaving early, sending somebody else) she will be removed.

    If you meet such case, simply leave a comment on her profile in the review section. Even though the comment might no be visible, we will read them and we will take action.

    Likewise, if you had a great time with a girl and she's everything you expected her to be (or even more), do us and especially the girl a favor and post a positive review!