• Manhattan's bar in Jing'An district

    The Manhattan Club is the most popular place to pick up hookers in Shanghai. Most of the sexy girls there will be vietnamese, only a few of them chinese (mostly in the weekend). From time to time they will have a Go Go Dance Show with sexy girls dancing on the Bar. The belly dancers are also very popular in Manhattan's. The only problem is, that the government doesn't allow sexy outfits for gogo girls. Therefor since 2011, they are dressed much less sexy than before. There is no table fee and the drink prices are reasonable; not cheap, but also not overpriced. The staff is friendly and will not cheat you, so it is a nice place to relax. The best way to get in touch with the working girls is to walk around and have eye contact with the girl that suits your fancy. If she is interested, a few seconds later she will come over and get in touch with you. Manhattan's has live music until 11PM. After that a DJ takes over.

    Opening Hours

    Manhattan's is open daily from 7PM up to around 6AM the next day.

    Live music until 11PM

    Tip: The best time to show up is around 23:45. Most girls will already be there, and there still will be a good selection. Don`t take the most pushy girls, because they will be the most experienced in scamming you and the risk that they leave after a short session is high. The normal rate should be around 1000RMB for a short time deal (one shot. You come; she go). Around 3500RMB for overnight. Most girls will start with a little bit higher, but for 2000RMB, you should normally be able to take out 90% of the girls there. Based on negotiation skills, the "popularity" of a girl and the number of customers around, the price can also start already with 1500RMB or 1600RMB for a short time, but also end up with 4000RMB for an overnight session.


    茂名南路56号 - 56 Màomíng nánlù 56 hào

    Warning: It is getting normal that there will be a lineup of 'illegal' Taxi's parked in front of the bar. Mostly the first 2 to 4 taxis are not official ones and will overcharge. So we recommend simply walk a few meters and using Didi to call a taxi.