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  • Introduction promotion!

    This week only as an experiment, Linda offers reduced prices for the guys who meet her for the first time!

    The meeting has to happen this week for it to be valid. The promotion will finish end of Sunday September 8, 2019.

    Meet Linda first time? 1 hour will be 1000RMB; 2 hours will be 1500RMB

    So with Linda 1 hour is 200RMB cheaper (original 1200)! 2 hours is 300RMB cheaper (original 1800)!

    These prices are without taxi money!. So if you do outcall, you still have to pay her taxi. On incall, there's no need.

    If you like her very much and you want to meet her again; she will charge you the regular price. So this promotion is to stimulate the visitors to give her a try and meet her; and discover whether she's really as fun as the reviews described her to be!

    For the guys who already met her; I'm sorry ... but you already know Linda is worth the money! ;-)

    Based on the results this experiment; we will consider future promotions as well ...

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